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History and Mission

What does the Chamber of Commerce offer you:

The Chamber of Commerce is the voice advocacy of your business!
People who believe in free enterprise become members of the
Chamber of Commerce. Here are examples of benefits you could enjoy
if you join your colleagues in making your town a desirable place to
live and work.

Voice of your business:

The Chamber of Commerce is the unified voice of the businesses andour efforts are focused on advocating on your behalf at all levels of
government. The Chamber of Commerce unites small and medium sized
businesses and ensures that all elected officials hear and
consider your issues and any solutions you might recommend.

Business community:

Committees of volunteers help out small and medium-sized businesses
who strive to attract and, consequently, retain the establishment of
new industries in our town so as to benefit our community.


For any concerns, please call us at 613-632-8066! We might be able to
help you or refer you to someone who can assist you.

Information Services:

The Directors of the Chamber of Commerce are available to provide
you with a wide range of information and referrals.

Business Contacts:

During the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, you could generate
important business contacts with people of diverse professions,
share ideas and promote your business.

Group Insurance Plan:

A group insurance plan is available for the members of the Chamber
of Commerce and their employees: Life insurance, Salary insurance
Medical insurance, Dental insurance and Prescription drug insurance.

Internet :

The Website of the Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce ( offers you a
professional corporate exposure on the Internet.
The site includes a directory listing all members of the Chamber of
Commerce along with relevant information on their business. In
addition, you will find timely news related to businesses in our area
and a calendar of events.


Every Director(s) and all committee members are volunteers. Your
membership fee enables the Chamber of Commerce to continue to
perform their duties in supporting the business community and its

Certificate of Origin:

The Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce issues certificates of origin
free of charge to their members.

Calendar of Events:

A calendar of annual events outlines all interactions events and
special activities designed to meet your needs.

The Chamber of Commerce is:

• An organization regrouping people who are dynamic, which possess
interpersonal skills and who endorse a better quality of life for its
members, their family and their community.

• An organization that focuses primarily on the needs of our business

• A well-organized leadership attained by the business professionals
of our community.

• An organization that constantly works to advocate at all professional
and government levels the merits of our community.

• An organization that is concerned with the problems of our community
and works toward solving them in the best interest of each person.

• An organization that offers a unique opportunity to support and
develop your business with its calendar of events which promotes
discussion exchanges to provide businesses with all relevant

• An organization that deals with various general interest business

• An organization that, through its numerous committees and projects,
off ers you the opportunity to share your knowledge, whether
you are a business representative or an employee.

• An organization that represents your business locally and in the
Counties of Prescott-Russell.

• An organization that, for a reasonable contribution, allows you to
gain a beneficial return for you and your business.

• A credible organization, in the opinion of consumers who prefer
business professionals who are members of the Chamber of

• An organization that reflects your opinion and advocates your ideas.